Richard Kershaw

I discovered affiliate marketing in summer 2005. After much persuading that had nothing to do with multi-level marketing or pyramid scheme scams, I earned my first commission – a whopping £5 from Empire Direct (RIP).

I was hooked. I worked into the early hours night-after-night desperate to escape the nine-to-five.

I quit my day job in London a few months later in January 2006, when revenue from my part-time business overtook the struggling six-man startup where I worked.

Today, I have two internet businesses.

#1. Quality Nonsense Ltd

My business Quality Nonsense Ltd publishes websites for webmasters.

The best-known website is, a buyers guide to web hosting that has published over one million words of user generated reviews and now serves one million plus page views each month.

Our other sites cover learning to code, domain names, affiliate marketing and digital downloads.

A decade ago, I started out doing paid search in affiliate marketing, generating millions of pounds in sales for brands like and Buyagift.

Today, we introduce a substantial number of customers to some of the world’s biggest hosting companies, including Media Temple, A2 Hosting and Arvixe

The company is based in London, with a remote team is based around the world. I’m an ex-Londoner who has spent most of the last five years living out of a suitcase.

(After 8 years working together, I’ve still never met my general manager in real life – we’re saving it for the 10 year anniversary).

The company also owns a portfolio of 1,000+ premium domain names, including

We’ve sold premium domain names to some interesting companies, including,,, AdQuadrant, and


I’m also co-founder of experience days startup alongside Stephen Pavlovich, CEO of

We’re best known for zombie experiences, like Zombie Shopping Mall and Zombie Boot Camp.

We help the public, visiting celebrities and the odd Taiwanese/British TV crew learn to fight the undead.

Our even-more-exotic products include Riot Training or our near-legendary Romantic Break for Three.

Since launching in 2011, has received press coverage in 50+ countries across every continent except Antarctica, including the BBC, CNN, Fox News, Daily Mail, The Times and The Guardian.

You can read all about here, on our press page or via the video below.

Speaking & Conferences

I’ve spoken at conferences like Search Marketing Expo, Social Media Week and Performance Marketing Insights (when it was still A4U Expo). I’ve also given the odd private talk, like one at the agency.

I speak on topics I know from personal experience, like:

  • How to get press coverage for startups
  • How to start an ecommerce business on a budget
  • How to run a remote team
  • Buying & selling websites


I rarely accept formal consultancy projects. In the past, I worked with an exotic mix of clients, from a British loans company to a extreme sports publisher.

I still offer consultancy by phone, usually on affiliate marketing, and recent clients include two Silicon Valley private equity funds and a major European bank.

My Blog (Now Retired)

I used to blog, mostly about internet marketing and SEO, at

My favorite post? Why Nobody Gives a Damn About Your Big Idea.

Social Media

I’m an infrequent Twitter user at @QualityNonsense and LinkedIn user here.

Contact Me

You can contact me via the contact form.